— Sounds Of The Seas

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Why has the rate of atypical mass strandings increased over the last decades? – Pollution? – Parasites?

Marine biologist Antonella Servidio sets out to collect so far hidden evidences, never displayed in public before. Travelling across half the globe, visiting leading colleagues – is there connection between military sonar and atypical mass strandings?

The extremely sound-sensitive whalebrain

By comparing human and dolphin brains, the American researcher Lori Marino confirms how extremely sensitive and reactive whales are to noise. This is common knowledge in Japan, she says, where the cruel technique of creating “noise-nets” for hunting whales and dolphins has been used for centuries. If their banging on metal poles distresses the animals enough to lead them into slaughter, what happens to the whales when they are struck by the military sonar sounds, as loud as jet engines?

Gas Bubbles

Many believe that the whales, who dive up to 1000m deep, are frightened by the loud noise of the military sonar. Their panicked ascent to the surface causes an extreme form of diving sickness. Gas bubbles are found in the necropsies, indicators of diving sickness – and gas bubbles in the blood are deadly. And so the quest for more evidence continues …

Fat Embolism

Microscopic fat particles clog the blood-flow, which in the fine blood vessels of the brain causes a stroke and is instantly fatal. Hemorrhaging in the eyes and brain causes suspicion, but the Navy remains innocent until concrete evidence can be found. Will Antonella be successful in her quest?

The need for more sonar

The armament orders of warships, and of their sonar systems, are made public on a weekly basis. Though the public databanks in which the details are listed are little known, one can easily sign up for an online newsletter and have updates sent to you on a weekly basis, free of charge. There are actually currently less than 400 submarines in existence outside of NATO. On account of these few boats, a billion-dollar defense industry is created to deploy the most powerful technologies and to detect the threat over long distances.

The Oceans – lawless?

In 2003 the San Francisco-based judge Laporte ordered that the consequences of military active sonar use be further studied. The Navy is advised only by its own experts, and Laporte stated self-control mechanisms to be insufficient. But the Bush administration quickly objected to the request. The sonar sound-waves continue to crisscross through the seas, without limitations or restrictions. Actually only a fraction of the killed whales are found; we can only count the few of them who were near enough to wash to shore.The NRDC represents the rights of whales on many levels, including in the United Nations. They believe that the involvement of everyone is highly important.

Personal letters to the ministries of defense help!

Please write and ask whether the active sonar frequencies are deadly for whales. And please let us know what they say.


  1. Maria: November 30th 2013 10:10 AM

    Hi , I hope this message would get to a right person who can address my question
    Perhaps it would sound naive, but I feel I need to ask it any way, so here it is:
    Is it practically possible for military submarines to use same acoustic frequency in their sonar systems as whales use for their orientation and communication? In other words, can militaries learn “to speak whales language” and not to hurt their sensitive brains? I should say, to me it seems very logical, otherwise I would appreciate a thorough explanation why it is not possible

    Thank you,

  2. Arnold Schunck: June 14th 2013 6:55 PM

    I wrote a mail to the Dutch government (because I’m a Dutchman) to ask if it is not possible to train the soldiers with computer based simulators. At their website they promise to answer within at least two days. Which they did: they promised to forward my question. That was all.

  3. Sanet Killan.: August 24th 2012 3:09 PM

    Its with a very heavy heart that i write this,and i treuly hope that someone wil reply to me A.S.A.P.Why do our Whales strand and die,by the dozens?Its disturbing and painfull to watch,and i believe,and im sure many others like me believe that this has got everything to do with those Navy’s in search 4 submarines.How can they keep denying these alligations,when so many things are pointing to them?I would give anything to be a part of savings these magical,misterious beautifull,harmless mamils.When wil it end,and then we cal ourselves children of God,but we keep destroying what he gives us.Who can tel me what we wil say the day we come face to face with the Lord,and he asks us 1 simple qeustion,Why children of mine?Please help me to understand the meaning of all this,so atleast i can prepare my answer to God 1day.Dont ignore me please,reply a.s.a.p.Regards frm a very unhappy South African citizen.Sanet.073 570 1852.

  4. Cellérier: May 26th 2012 12:21 PM

    Il existe un droit de l’espace très complet, pourquoi ne pas demander aux Nations Unies de prendre en charge ce lourd travail et son application bien entendu.

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