— Sounds Of The Seas

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The evolution of the story

Volker BarthFilmmaker Volker Barth visited the annual conference of the European Cetacean Society in 2003. In advance, a group of 60 scientists met privately to discuss the whale casualties and their links to military sonar. A clear division was traced within the members of the group. Scientists who research independently, and do not rely on Navy or government funding, have uncovered powerful information and facts, as shown in the film. Scientists who are dependent on Military money broadly state that not enough is knows, and that more research is needed before making such accusations. Their employers were happy to see their staff come away from the questioning with scot-free. The scientist were later also happy, as the military financing of their research was ensured over the next years. The sayings “one hand washes the other”, or not “biting the hand that feeds you” are at least in this context hard to disprove. The evidence – glanced at soberly – was nonetheless overwhelming. Before the film Sounds of the Seas: Why Whales Strand, only tiny stories had appeared here and there in the media. But what about the whole story? For this reason was this television documentary made, with the help of NDR, ARTE and the film development fund MSH.

For the length of the filmmaking process, the entire team has borne the weight of this undertaking, in both the content and finances. A part of the salaries has been held back in order to bring the eye of the camera and depths of the research to the broadest audience.